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Set Up Dropshipping & Wholesale Account

After filling out #2 Account Application below and submitting, send all other below documents that apply to your business: If you created a short form account in the top right of our website first, #2 Account Application will not be available and we will correct this by deleting your short form account and send this page information to open your account correctly. After verification/approval, pricing will be available on your account. The verification process can take 7-14 days for new accounts. We appreciate your patience.

  1. Drop Ship Information Letter
  2. Account Application
  3. Additional Dropship Account Application
  4. Return Merchandise Authorization Instructions
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. IRS W-9 Form Tax Payers ID Number and Certification
  7. Only if your business is located in New York do you need to complete the New York State Resale Certificate form.
  8. 3rd Party Billed Authorization Form for UPS & FedEx Shipping

Please direct any questions to: (315) 683-5589 Ext. 14